Abi Fields (°1981, Austin, United States) works are based on associations revealing a unique written poetic voice, creating multilayered images spotlighting the fragility and instability from which we base our certain reality. She conceptualizes her art through various subjects and mediums including photography, lyrical prose, and her latest endeavor, painting.  By mainly focusing on the juxtaposition of images and mediums, Fields transforms the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice. Her ability to blur the fine line between past, present, and future through art is an act of meditation.

Her photos focus on and highlight the difficulty written communication has in translating visual reality. Attempting to bridge the gap of human experience with visual representations, her photos strive to connect the dissonance between form, content and the dysfunctions of language (highlighting how our environment becomes our mirror). In short, the ambiguity of references are key elements in the work. 

Her photography and writing challenge the incongruent relationship between the realm of belief/ memory with the realm of experience, creating an opportunity to grasp language and recognize the shortcoming of words, exposing the power language has over us. To peel back the discrepancy between memory, interpretation, and experience. Transforming language into art creates an ornament and a map for us to reference on our journey back to ourselves. It is through these ornaments of ambiguity and indistinctness, which are inherent to the human experience, where meaning comes to the forefront.


Me how 
To trust, 
My heart, 
My mind, 
My intuition, 
My inner knowing, 
The senses of my body, 
The blessings of my spirit. 
Teach me to trust these things 
So that I may enter my sacred space 
And love beyond my fear, and thus walk 
In balance with the passing of each glorious sun.  -Lakota Prayer