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Photography inherently has the transformative power to tell a beautiful story — a journey from any dark void along the path to reinvention and restoration of being, as long as we, as creatives, provide the story of unbounded endings.

Photography has provided me with a place to work through the dust figures in my life that stir around unpredictably to bursts of internal volcanic celebration, a personal language and conduit of emotion and homage to my Native American heritage. I have an enormous respect and spiritual connection to the magical Taos mountains and the ancestral forces always daring to change the way I perceive. The result has been nothing shy of enlightening — this beautiful ability to sing, and most often, dance, with light.

I encompass a whole-hearted passion and desire to share the art form with others — lessons and insight we’ve taught one another — so that they may also marvel towards the overlooked details of intrinsic beauty that the common eye often does not take the time to unwrap. 

I didn’t grow up with much, but I was blessed with a family who taught me strength, perseverance and faith. My mother was my mentor and biggest fan; a shining example of someone who sought joy at every turn.

I currently reside in Austin, TX. I travel as often as possible and have a knack for packing light. I work with a variety of clients: portrait, engagement, weddings and various philanthropy organizations. In fact, I actively seek opportunities to volunteer with non-profits as a photojournalist. I strive to increase awareness of their organization’s impact on various cultures through my photography.

I believe in giving back, paying it forward, and being unapologetically authentic. 

Writing with light,

Me how 
To trust, 
My heart, 
My mind, 
My intuition, 
My inner knowing, 
The senses of my body, 
The blessings of my spirit. 
Teach me to trust these things 
So that I may enter my sacred space 
And love beyond my fear, and thus walk 
In balance with the passing of each glorious sun.  -Lakota Prayer